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Country by IP network determines which countries internet visitors are coming from by categorizing IP addresses by country location. There are also resources on the Internet which list country groupings of IP addresses. Here individuals and website owners and administrators can see which visitors belong to which country. A Country by IP networking tool can help people running websites to determine international audiences. With this data they can choose to allow or block a country from visiting a website. They can also use this data to more accurately track, for marketing and security purposes, the origins of your network traffic. Running this test can reveal a visitor’s country, region, city, language, browser, and system. Have you ever wondered from where all of your site visitors coming from? Or how the Internet reveals from where you are working online? This all comes from the IP address geolocation service used to look at the IP address of wherever you were when you visited our site. The IP address you saw could be your home computer's IP address, or the one at the local coffee shop or airport. It all depends on where you are. Maybe this is all a little unnerving, but you can also look at this as a way to be educated on the power of the Internet and the tools that you and others can use to improve Web security. Using networking tools to finding IP addresses by countries may not always give users one-hundred-percent-accurate results while locating an IP address host country due to methods many Web surfers use to hide or substitute IP addresses. Today individuals can hide IP addresses from other countries by obtaining a substitute IP address in another location using VPN or Proxy software programs to evade websites tracking visitors. When people who use these services, they go online and have the option show the world a different IP address. VPNs and proxy servers also allow Internet users to bypass online censorship and unblock sites. There are quite a few geographically restricted websites that cannot be reached from certain countries in the world. In order for them to become accessible, the most crucial detail to consider is to use another country’s IP address. For instance, should you wish to unblock Netflix, Facebook, and other US-run websites while in China, one should only settle for a US IP address that will allow users to jump the great firewall of online censorship in China.